Who we are

Ezio Zucconi Mazzini

  • Doctor, Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist, has brought Bioenergetic analysis in Italy, founder of SMIAB (Italian medical society of Bioenergetic Self-Analysis for the study and therapy of personality disorders) in Italy together with Alexander Lowen and Renato Monaco. SMIAB is a training school in Psychotherapy recognized by MIUR.
  • President, Scientific Director, teacher, supervisor and local trainer of SMIAB.
  • Scientific Director of the Department of neuroscience research of SMIAB.
  • President of the “Power Personality Disorder Foundation – Science for Peace”.

Gilberta Alpa

  • Psychotherapist, local trainer, supervisor and director of education of SMIAB.
  • Responsible for the “Infant Research” and “Movie therapy” departments of SMIAB.


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SMIAB – the Italian Medical Society of Bioenergetic Self-Analysis for the study and therapy of Personality Disorders – was founded in Rome on 8 May 1978, as a private law non-profit association, with a public act and with a legally deposited statute. It is an International Scientific Organisation for research and professional training of Psychotherapists specialized in Personality Disorders and Self-Disorders, in Character Disorders and Neurosis.

It is recognized by the Ministry of Universities and Scientific Research and has been licensed with the decree dated 16 November, 2000 to start Training Courses for Psychologists and Doctors in Psychotherapy, based on the scientific model of psycho‑body Self-Analysis.

The association was founded by Dr. Ezio Zucconi Mazzini (psychiatrist and founder of the fist Bioenergetic Self-Analysis in Italy) together with Alexander Lowen (psychiatrist and founding father of Bionergetic Analysis) and Dr. Renato Monato (psychiatrist and IIBA international trainer).

The association has always been committed to scientific studies and research to give a neurophysiological and somato-physic psychophysiological basis to the bioenergetics theory just as was though by Alexander Lowen. This basis must be shared by the international scientific community, overcoming different languages, tools and techniques used by the science of the body and of the mind and linking it all to the Study of People’s Disorders.


SMIAB is affiliated to IIBA (International Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis in New York), ISSPD (International Society for the Study of Personality Disorders), AISDP (Italian Association for the Study of Personality Disorders) and WAIMH (World Association for InfantMentalHealth). The Association has studied (together with researchers from the most prestigious international Universities), in a really innovative perspective, the CONFLICTS OF I (neurosis and character disorders) and SELF-DISORDERS (Personality Disorders), in their CLINICAL AND THERAPEUTICAL IMPLICATIONS. This has made it possible to carry out a psychotherapeutic TRAINING that could deal with the complexity of Personality Disorders, which are considered to be among the most wide-spread emotional and relational pathologies that determine fragility in our society.

Nowadays the entire International Scientific Community has acquired that Personality Disorders are caused by “Self-Disorders” that are created during the first infancy due to transgenerational transmission of the aspects of the character and due to the failure in affective attachment relations with one’s parents and caregivers (the attachment and care figures).

This explains the great increase in the past decades by Child Development, Infant Research and Baby Observation which has taken place in the most prestigious Universities in the world. SMIAB follows its outcomes with great interest and participation.