The foundation

Message addressed to children, politicians of the future

“The Earth is not ours, it belongs to the descendants of the Tribe.

We look ahead and, while smoking the calumet of peace,

the Council of Wise men makes decisions that will benefit

up to seven coming generations.

Our rule is to only take from nature what we really need.”

An Iroquois Chieftain



One day, a black child asked:

“Are flowers of so many colours

because they don’t hate each other?”


The moral principle of doing good and avoiding the damaging of others, has to lead to individual and collective wellbeing, because the other is our neighbour, who brings universal dignity and human rights of equality and solidarity; every morality highlights the intangibility of each human being and requires equal treatment for everyone: we can’t protect someone without equally protecting his/her counterparts (just like we can’t protect our son or daughter without protecting all children). This is based on the sacred formula of the three musketeers of “all for one and one for all”.

Politics more than anything should spread this principle to society by respecting and making others respect the vulnerability of all, transforming moral judgment in ethical behaviour and promoting what is right instead of a hypothetical and theoretical common Good – that everyone says to be followed in political propaganda – because without justice there can’t be any good. This simply means that law is really the same for everyone, even for immigrants, and it does not mean that “it is the same for those who are equal and different for those who are unequal”.

We always remember what Bertolt Brecht said: “We ask you expressly to discover that what happens all the time is not natural. For to say that something is natural in such times of bloody confusion of ordained disorder, of systematic arbitrariness, of inhuman humanity”.

To say it in our own words, we must not consider normal the disgraces that occur daily; we must not get used to chaos, violence, blood also if they are for from us because our neighbour is everywhere; we must not become indifferent, we must not shut ourselves into our cosy homes and lives, into our egoism; we must not become tired and feel discouraged. We have to keep feeling indignant and shocked and we must keep fighting, because in these difficult times where the world is dominated by different inequalities, injustices and violence, in order to solve many problems that seem unresolvable, it is enough to live by the universal rules of the famous Bertrand Russell- Albert Einstein Manifesto: “We appeal as human beings to human beings: remember your humanity, and forget the rest” because “after all there is only one race: the humanity”.


According to our scientific foundation, the Power Personality Disorder, Science for Peace, nothing is unchangeable since history, just like science, is constantly evolving; if we avoid being indifferent it is possible to fight and change the pathological morality based on inhumanity in a collective Moral Self of real divine inspiration and extended to humanity entirely.